Donne Research LLC dba PBA Check (“PBA”), its parents affiliates, divisions, subsidiaries, and partners recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of its customers. PBA extends this policy to the identifying information of our customers, and the subject matter of our work on their behalf. Protecting your valuable information is one of PBA’s highest priorities.

The policies detailed below explain PBA’s policies designed to protect your privacy:

Applicable Privacy Laws

The information provided within our reports is governed by several Federal and State laws, including Title V of the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (“GLB”), Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and the Federal Drivers’ License Protection Act (“DLPA”).

These regulations and others require PBA to implement a privacy policy and prohibits it from disclosing non-public personal information, personally identifiable consumer information, consumer credit information, certain information related to drivers licenses to nonaffiliated third-parties except in certain limited circumstances and as otherwise set forth herein, or as otherwise required by law. In ensuring compliance with the regulations, PBA enters into contracts with its information providers, vendors, and customers to endure that they will not disclose or use this information other than to carry out the legal and permissible purpose for which the report was provided.

Use, Collection and Retention of Customer Provided Information PBA collects, retains and uses information about its customers that is required to complete customer’s orders, and as required by applicable laws. PBA retains this information no longer as necessary to fulfill these duties and obligations. Further, it is our stated policy and intention to delete, destroy, or dispose of non-essential customer records within thirty (30) days of completion of the order process. All information voluntarily submitted becomes the property of PBA. PBA may retain and use customer’s contact information, including email to send reports and marketing information. A customer’s order acts as consent for such uses.

PBA does not sell, transfer or disclose customer’s personal information for any purpose. No customer opt out is required.

Limiting Employee Access To Information PBA employees are regularly trained on company policies and procedures designed to safeguard our customer’s privacy and confidentiality. Only those employees having a legitimate need to access a customer’s information will be permitted such access.

Established Security Procedures Designed To Protect Private Information PBA maintains strict security standards and procedures regarding unauthorized access to customer information.

Restrictions On Disclosure Of Account Information PBA does not disclose customer account information to third-parties, unless required by law, or by court order. No opt out is required.

Disclosure of Privacy Policies to Our Customers PBA customers have a right to receive the most current privacy policy upon request. PBA’s customers have a right to know what customer information is collected and maintained, and how such information will be used. PBA’s customers may demand that any inaccurate information be promptly corrected.